What Desk Size For 2 or 3 Monitors? [Ultimate Guide]

Using multiple monitors for your work or even gaming boosts your productivity and helps you multitask more easily. you might wonder how to choose a desk size that fits multiple monitors easily and comfortably. well, I’ve already done the research, so let’s dive into the article and find the perfect desk for your setup.

here’s a quick explanation about the size of the desk for 2 or 3 monitors:

The desk should be at least 56” wide and 28” deep to fit two monitors, and for three monitors standing side by side, it should be at least 66” wide and 32” deep to fit three 24” monitors and also a few other accessories.

but let’s go further in detail, and find out what is the best option for YOU based on your condition, especially your room space and monitor size.




Multiple Monitor Setups-Why Are They So Popular?

More monitors mean more screen real state, and that alone can make a lot of simple daily tasks easier. Research has shown that people with two monitors can complete normal tasks significantly faster than people who only use one screen.

Also with more monitors, multitasking feels more natural. So you could manage different tasks at the same time, even if you want to, you could mix your work with entertainment. But that is not recommended, it would distract you dramatically and your performance will be affected significantly.

Dual Monitor Desk Setup

Choosing the Perfect Desk Size for 2 or 3 Monitors. Important Factors:



How Much Space Do You Have for a Desk?

Whether you’re building a setup in your office or even in your bedroom, you must pick the area where your desk will be placed before choosing any desks. And if it’s possible, try to place the desk near a window for better natural lighting. This is going to make working much more pleasant especially if you have a nice view. Then measure all the limiting factors in your area to make sure that your desk would fit easily into the area, so you won’t get into trouble when your desk arrives.

Now that we are sure about our workstation area, let’s talk about monitors.


Desk Space


How Big Your Monitors Are:

It is common sense that the bigger screens you have the bigger the desk size you’ll need.

So if you’re going for two 24” or 27” monitors, most average-sized desks will be just fine (keep in mind that two 27” monitors may take the whole width of an average desk). But let’s say that you’re going for a dual 32” setup or even a triple 24” or even bigger setups. well, in that case, you’re going to need a much wider desk.

To give you a perspective, three 27” monitors sitting side by side are 75” wide(considering zero tilt angle, tilting monitors make them a bit narrower).

Note: a 27-inch monitor (wide) is 24 inches wide and 17 inches tall (ratio: 16×9)


27" Monitor


Until now,

We know where the desk is going to be placed and how big it can be to fit in our workstation easily (maximum size limit).

And we know how wide our monitors are, so we get an idea of the smallest possible desk size that we can choose to hold them easily (minimum size limit).

So, considering that you know your workstation area dimensions (max size limit),

let’s see what is the minimum desk size based on different monitor sizes

( assuming a side by side format):

   Monitor Size Dual Setup Triple Setup 

    21 Inch 45” W . 23” D 63” W . 28” D  

  24 Inch 50” W . 25” D 66” W . 32” D  

  27 Inch 56” W . 28” D 77” W . 36” D  

  32 Inch 66” W . 35” D 85” W . 40” D  


Monitor SizeDual Monitor SetupTriple Monitor Setup
21 Inch45” W . 23” D63” W . 28” D
24 Inch50” W . 25” D66” W . 32” D
27 Inch56” W . 28” D77” W . 36” D
32 Inch 66” W . 35” D85” W . 40” D


  Still, if you have the space and the budget, just go for a bigger desk, bigger desks are usually more comfortable especially if you keep a bunch of peripherals on your desk.

If you are between sizes, I’d suggest considering the bigger monitor as yours.



Having multiple monitors for your setup, especially big ones can be a bit expensive, but that is not all, having more screens means that you are probably going to need a powerful machine to be able to handle two big screens easily and also it requires a solid foundation underneath that can handle all the extra weight. So, considering all the factors, it could grow to an even higher number.

Having said that, I would highly recommend that you don’t go easy with any desk just because it is cheaper. Desks are the foundation of your setup, they are a long-term purchase and won’t be replaced for years. you are going to spend hours each day working on that desk for years to come, so you are investing that money not spending it.


Small Desk for Dual Monitor


Also, you have valuable pieces of equipment on your desk, you don’t want your expensive monitors to slip or fall off, just because you have a wobbly desk, that’s gonna cost even more to fix.

Again, if you have a big room and the budget, just go for a bigger desk.

But that is not the case for most of us working from home nowadays. So, let’s say that you’re building a small work-from-home set up in your bedroom and have a small space dedicated to the workstation, what now?


4 Smart Tips to Fit Multiple Monitors on Your Small Desk:

But even if you have a smaller desk than what we mentioned, don’t worry here’s 4 tips to fit multiple monitors on a small desk:

1. Use The Wall:

Instead of trying to place your monitors on your desk, install them on the wall if possible. That way you are no longer limited to your desk width, and also you can create a gap between your desk and wall if you want more depth from the monitors.

2. Use Monitor Arms:

Monitor arms are awesome. Use a solid and reliable arm to connect your monitors to the desk. Using monitor arms not only clears more space on your small desk but also makes it much easier for you to adjust the position of the screens for a more comfortable experience.

3. Use Vertical Monitors:

For your side monitors try vertical format, especially if you are a programmer, vertical monitors are much more pleasant to code on. Unlike the normal positioning which takes a lot of the width of the desk, having your monitor (of course not the main one) positioned vertically will save you some space on your desk. although most monitors don’t rotate by default, you can use a monitor arm with rotating features and rotate it 90 degrees.



4. Use Monitors Above Each Other:

The last tip: You can position the screens above each other, it may not be as comfortable as side by side setup, but still a nice trick to fit your monitors into your space.Of course for this one you have to either use your wall to install the monitor or a solid arm with a high range of motion to be able to reach above the other screen and also can handle the weight of the monitor in that position for the long term.


Monitor Arms Make a Difference

I can’t imagine how I could work without a monitor arm, having a nice sturdy arm for your screens makes all the difference:

  1. Arms make your setup look much cleaner and more professional and free up so much space under the screens at the same time.
  2. You can change the height, distance, and even angle to match your height and sitting position.
  3. No more worries about monitors falling off and spending hundreds of dollars to repair or replace them. They are attached to the desk and won’t fall even if you try to.


A Few Other Factors to Consider When Buying a Desk


Adjustable Height

Since many people have switched working from home, especially in the last year or two, standing desks have become very popular, and it’s not just a hype,

According to Studies:

65% of people with height-adjustable desks reported an increase in productivity and concentration after one year of use.

We are not all the same height, therefore we need different heights for our desks to match our sitting or standing poses.

Also sitting too long every day isn’t the best option for the long term, in this modern office era it is highly recommended that people start standing more, so using a height-adjustable desk can be extremely useful for switching between sitting and standing positions for both productivity and for the body itself.


Weight Capacity

Heavy monitors especially when connected to a desk by monitor arms can sometimes damage or unstable cheap desks. Be careful to consider the weight limit of the desk especially if you’re going for a standing desk. Standing desks have height adjusting motors that make the desk taller or shorter when you push the buttons, they can be sensitive to high loads of weight and might get damaged while moving the desk up or down.


Ease of Assembly

If you are ordering a desk online, most probably you have to assemble it yourself. although most desks are pretty similar and easy to assemble, a few might be tricky or even have mismatching parts. This is not an issue for like 90% percent of the desks, it is just something to take a look at or ask before purchasing.

But if you know that you are going to change homes or offices a lot, make sure to get a desk that has a simple assembly process. It is much easier to move desk parts in boxes than when it’s all assembled.



Nothing is worse than having a wobbly desk with a bunch of monitors and gears moving on it. your desk is where you must feel relaxed and focused only on your work not dealing with a wobbly desk.

With a wobbly desk, you get even afraid just to lean a little bit on the desk as you think it’s gonna break in half, you’re not comfortable typing fast cause it would shake all the monitors in front of you.

So, definitely make sure it is a solid and rigid desk, also don’t hurry while assembling it. Just follow every small detail in the manual to make sure it is assembled perfectly.



Most of the desks nowadays are made of wood tops and metal legs, which is what I prefer over others, not only do wood tops have a much better aesthetic than others, but also they are solid enough for most people.

Still, there are also glass, metal, or even plastic desks that you can choose if you like.

Keep in mind that glass desks are very sensitive and even can be dangerous, they can break with the smallest impact. So try to avoid them as much as you can.


The Shape of The Desk

Based on your room space and interior design, you may be interested to go for a different kind of desk, there are some cool options that you can choose from which help you spread your equipment more and work more easily. The most famous shapes are corner desks, U-shaped desks, also L-shaped desks which are pretty similar to corner desks.

If you have the room space for different shapes of desks, they could be a nice choice.



Having some sort of internal storage with a desk can be very helpful for organizing the setup, but sometimes it can also limit the amount of legroom that you have.

so for the most comfortable setup, I highly recommend getting a desk without any storage underneath (like most standing desks), but also having no storage will force you to left everything on the desk, and after a while, it becomes a mess.

So, get external storage beside your desk, which is going to be much more convenient.




Having a dual or triple monitor setup can boost your productivity and helps you multitask more naturally.

So understanding the main factors especially the size for choosing a desk as a foundation of your setup is super important for having a relaxed and focused workstation.

By reading this article, I’m sure now you have enough knowledge to not only pick the best size but also to choose the perfect desk itself based on the factors like your room space and screen sizes.


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