How Deep Should a Desk Be? Standard Desk Depth EXPLAINED

Standing Desk

Different desks have different depths. However, there are standard dimensions for different usages, and if you are wondering what the right desk size is for you, keep reading, and you’ll find all the answers in this article.     How Deep Should a Desk Be? On average, a standard (office) desk is 28 inches deep … Read more

How to Clean Desk Mats: (ULTIMATE GUIDE)

Clean Desk Mat

Desk mats are the part of our desk setups that we most touch during the day, and therefore they tend to get very dirty over time. Let’s review the best ways to clean or wash your desk pad.     How To Clean Desk Mats To clean your desk mat, fill your sink or bathtub … Read more

Stop Dust From Collecting on Desk [10 Easy Tricks]

Stop Dust From Collecting on Desk

I’ve been sitting here for a while, at my dusty desk that I cleaned recently, thinking and searching about why my desk and electronics get so dusty. Let’s review the 10 best hacks to prevent dust from getting to your setups.     How to Stop Dust From Collecting on Desk: Check Your Air Conditioner … Read more

What Desk Size For 2 or 3 Monitors? [Ultimate Guide]

dual monitor setup

Using multiple monitors for your work or even gaming boosts your productivity and helps you multitask more easily. you might wonder how to choose a desk size that fits multiple monitors easily and comfortably. well, I’ve already done the research, so let’s dive into the article and find the perfect desk for your setup. here’s … Read more