8 Ways to Flatten a Mousepad (DO THIS FIRST!)

Mousepads can get rolled up when they’re new or when you travel with them. And when you unroll the pad, you may find it uneven.

But don’t worry; here, we’ll cover 8 simple methods to flatten out your mousepad.




How To Flatten A New Mousepad?

To flatten out your mousepad, you can cover it with a towel and start warming it up using an iron or a hair dryer. Also, you can roll the it the opposite way, keep it under heavy books, or use it upside down for a while.


1. Use an Iron

All you need is an iron and a towel. Using an Iron is definitely the fastest way to flatten your desk mat.

  1. First, adjust the iron temperature to medium heat (with steam if possible)
  2. Cover the pad with a towel to avoid direct contact and protect it from getting damaged.
  3. Start ironing it gently until the fibers loosen up and the deskmat becomes flat.
  4. Let it cool down for a few minutes, and it’s done.


NOTE: Don’t keep the iron on a specific area for a long time; it can burn both the towel and the pad.

NOTE: If you have an RGB mousepad (we’ll discuss RGB models at the end) or the desk pad material is sensitive to heat, you may want to pass this method or be extra careful while doing it.


2. Use a Hair Dryer

The idea is the same as before (iron), applying heat to the material so it loosens up and sits flat on the desk.

Since hair dryers don’t contact the material directly and aren’t as hot as irons, you can skip covering it with a towel (optional).

Keep a reasonable distance from the mousepad and start warming it up using the hair dryer.
Continue until the curves are gone. Let it cool down for minutes, and you’re done.

Again, if you have an RGB desk mat, the electric modules may be sensitive to heat, so be extra careful using a hair dryer or an iron.


Black and Green Desk Mat


3. Roll the Mousepad the Opposite way

one easy trick is rolling the mousepad the opposite way.

It creates an opposite tension in the material and removes the curls.

However, it’s not going to be super fast like the previous methods, but it’s much safer, especially if your desk pad is made of sensitive material or has LED modules.

For most curled desk mats, keeping it rolled up oppositely will solve the problem, but if not, you can repeat the process until it’s perfect.


4. Keep It Under Heavy Objects

Heavy books are good options for this method. You can use multiple books on each other to multiply the force. Also, it’s best to distribute them evenly on the surface to flatten it out better.

Like the previous method, this can take some time too, but you can repeat the process overnights -when you’re not working on your desk- until the desk mat is flattened. Or to get the job done faster, you can keep it under books 24/7 and instead use one of the mousepad alternatives mentioned in this article: 11 Creative Mousepad Substitutes

If your mousepad is RGB, be careful about the edges. Too much pressure on LEDs and the controller module can damage them.


Black Mousepad


5. Tape the edges to the Desk

Just like the previous method, the goal here is to keep the mouse pad in a neutral position, so it loosens up and sits flat on the desk.

Instead of using heavy objects on your mousepad, you can tape the edges to the desk itself.

However, be careful using the tape directly on the pad. It may damage its surface (especially if it’s felt or a sensitive cloth).

To avoid damaging the mousepad, you can use paper between the tape and the pad to they don’t contact directly.

Another benefit of this method is that it doesn’t stop you from working on it. Actually, working while it is taped on the desk can help accelerate the process.


6. Use it Upside Down

Mousepads (especially big ones) are rolled up inwards in the package when delivered. So when sitting on the desk, the edges tend to stay up.

However, some mousepads can be used on both sides. For example, one side is made of leather, and the other is felt.

One easy trick is to use the desk pad upside down for some time. While it’s much easier and doesn’t need tapes or books, it can take a bit longer to get the job done.


7. Wash it

If it’s a new mousepad that you’ve just purchased, I don’t recommend washing it out of the package.

However, let’s say it’s been in the closet for a while, and it’s deformed. In this case, you can wash it and let it air-dry for a day in a flat position.

It doesn’t work for all mousepads, but it’s worth the try. Be careful not to use hot water, and don’t wash RGB models.

You can Follow our in-depth guides on washing desk pads here:

How to Wash Mousepads &

How to Wash RGB Mousepads



Black MX Master on Mousepad


8. Be Patient

If you’re using the hair dryer-iron methods, you’ll probably get the result instantly.
However, other methods usually take some time (a few days maybe), so be patient.

Even if you don’t use any of these methods we mentioned, time + gravity will do the job for you for free.

All these methods are helpful to accelerate the process, but they’re not necessary at all.

In most cases, if you don’t do anything and let the mouse pad sit on the desk and maybe work on it daily, it will be flattened in one or two weeks.



How to Flatten RGB Mousepads?

RGB mousepads have LEDs installed around the edges. Also, they have a small controller unit attached to the corner.

Additionally, they are usually much more expensive than normal mousepads, So we must be much more careful flattening them out.

In most cases, you can easily use any of the methods we discussed earlier. However, you might want to avoid using the first two methods: Ironing – Hair Dryer. 

Heat can damage the LED parts and the plastic parts covering them.

Also, you can follow the interesting method explained in the video below by Ed The Asis:



First Asked Questions


Can I iron my mousepad?

Yes, you can iron your mousepad. However, it is best to cover it with a towel first to avoid direct contact and protect it from getting damaged.

Also, set the temperature to medium or low, and when ironing the pad, avoid keeping it still on a single area. Too much heat can damage the surface of the pad.


Can You Wash Mouse Pads?

You can easily wash your desk pad by following this tutorial: How to Wash Mousepads.

Actually, you can even throw it in your washing machine, but there are some considerations that you must be aware of before using the washing machine.
So I recommend reading the article before doing so: Washing Mousepads


White Mousepad




If you have a curled or rolled-up mousepad, don’t worry. You can flatten it out using the 8 methods discussed in this article.

To summarize it all, Here’s how to flatten a mousepad:

  • Use an iron
  • Use a hair dryer
  • Roll the mousepad the opposite way
  • Keep it under heavy objects
  • Tape the edges to the Desk
  • Use it Upside down
  • Wash it
  • Be patient


Following the methods mentioned in this article, I hope you can easily flatten your desk pad and enjoy using your mouse on a soft and even surface.


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