How To Clean RGB Mousepads? DOs & DON’Ts [2022]

RGB mousepads are the part of our setups that tend to get very dirty over time. And since water will damage the electric modules, you can’t wash the mousepad by hand or use the washing machine.

This article will cover a Step-by-Step guide on cleaning RGB mousepads without damaging them.



How to Clean RGB Mousepad?

  1. Unplug Your RGB Mousepad
  2. Fill a bowl with Soap-Water Solution
  3. Dip a soft sponge in the Soap-Water Solution
  4. Start Scrubbing The Mouse Pad 
  5. Use a Wet Towel to Remove The Dirt and Soap
  6. Use a Dry Towel
  7. Let It Air Dry


RGB mouse pads have electric parts that SHOULD NOT get close to water or other cleaning liquids. However, you can still clean the RGB mousepads following the steps below:


Step 1: Unplug Your RGB Mousepad

Before doing anything else, you must ensure the electric module is turned off and unplugged. Otherwise, the module probably gets damaged while cleaning.

In some RGB mousepads, the controller unit can be detached from the pad; if possible, remove that part too.


Step 2: Fill a bowl with Water-Soap Solution

Fill the sink or a bowl with water, and then add some hand soap or mild detergent to the water to make a water-soap solution.


Step 3: Dip a soft sponge in the Water-Soap Solution

I’d suggest going for a soft sponge or cloth instead of a hard one to avoid damaging the fabrics.

Dip the soft sponge into the water-soap solution, and wring the sponge (not too much) to ensure the extra liquid doesn’t reach the electric parts around the mousepad.


Green RGB Mousepad


Step 4: Start Scrubbing The Mouse Pad 

Start scrubbing the mousepad in a circular motion with a little bit of force, but nothing too extreme.

Avoid scrubbing around the edges not to damage the LEDs and RGB module. If you get water over them, swipe it quickly with a dry towel to stop the water from getting into these parts.

Keep scrubbing the mousepad until all the dirt is lifted from the mousepad.


Step 5: Use a Wet Towel to Remove The Dirt and The Soap

Once you’re finished scrubbing, use a damp towel to wipe down all the soap and dirt out of the mousepad.


Step 6: Use a Dry Towel

Then, switch to a dry towel and wipe down all the water and any extra soap remaining on the mousepad.


Step 7: Let It Air Dry

Now, let your mousepad air dry for 24 hours, and you are good to go. However, if you think water has penetrated the electric parts, I’d suggest letting it dry for 48 hours to make sure it’s all dry before turning it on.

After the deskmat is dry, in some cases it may become curled and uneven. To solve this problem and flatten it out, you can follow this guide: How To Flatten A Mousepad

  • NOTEDO NOT let your RGB mousepad dry in direct sunlight; it damages your desk mat and may change its color.


If you prefer watching instead of reading, Here’s a video tutorial by Aero Veloce :




Can You Wash RGB MousePad?

The simple answer is NO; unlike Non-RGB models, RGB mouse pads should not be submerged in water. 

There are LED lights and electric boards around the mousepads, and as you know, these parts should not contact liquids like water, so you shouldn’t wash your RGB mousepad by hand or throw it in the washing machine.


However, if you are okay with taking the risk (I highly recommend you don’t risk it) and potentially break the RGB part, you can follow the instructions below:
(keep in mind that after the process, you have to make sure the mousepad is 100% dry before turning the RGB light on)


  1. Remove the control board from the mousepad
  2. Fill the sink or bathtub with cold to warm water, don’t use hot water; hot water can damage the fibers.
  3. Add some soap or mild detergent to the water.
  4. Submerge your mousepad into the water and let it stay there for a few minutes.
  5. using a soft brush, foam, or even your hand, scrub both surfaces thoroughly.
  6. Rinse the desk mat. Make sure all the soap is removed.
  7. Let it air dry for 48 hours, and you’re good to go!


  • NOTEDO NOT let your RGB mousepad dry in direct sunlight; it damages your desk mat and may change its color.


For more details on washing mousepads (different materials), you can read this article: How To Clean Mousepads

Or you can follow the instructions in the video below by Ed De Asis:





How Often To Clean RGB Mouse Pads?

Mousepads, especially dark ones, don’t show dirt signs, but they absorb a lot of dust and dirt over time. So, my recommendation for most people using hard desk mats or cloth and rubber mousepads is to wash them every two or three months.

Also, if you are using a cloth mousepad, Just try to scratch different areas on your mousepad using your nails; if nothing happens, then it is clean. But if it starts to lift up, the dust and dirt and scratch lines are visible; it needs to be cleaned.

On the other hand, if you are using leather or suede, try to keep it as clean as possible; leather is not really water-friendly, so use water only if necessary.

Now that all cleaning process is covered,

let’s talk about ways you can keep your mousepad clean.



How To Keep RGB Mouse Pads Clean?


Keep Your Overall Setup Clean

To keep your RGB mousepad clean, you must retain all your setup surfaces and electronics clean. So every other day, try to dust your setup and wipe off any accumulated dust.

For this purpose, I highly recommend reading this article: How to Keep Your Desk Dust Free;

following the methods mentioned in the article, you’ll be able to maintain a much cleaner setup and, as a result, a cleaner mousepad.


Purple RGB Deskmat


Avoid Spilling Drinks

Hot coffee? Cold soda? Water? you name it; I’ve done it all 🙂
However, I’m not going to stop drinking water or coffee at my desk just because it may spill out.

Instead, I’ve become much more careful with my drinks on the desk;

for example:

  • I never let my water bottle lid open when I don’t need it.
  • Also, I always keep my coffee far from the keyboard on the opposite side of the mouse to make sure I don’t accidentally spill it.


Keep Your Pets Off The Desk

Your beloved dog or cat can be partially responsible for the dust on your desk mat; the ideal solution is to keep your pets out of the room far from the desk setup.

But still, if you want your pets beside you while working or gaming, you must groom them more frequently to minimize the dust.




Cleaning an RGB mousepad can be a bit more tedious since it can’t be soaked like a regular pad.

But, by Following the 7-Step process covered in this article, you can comfortably clean your mousepad without worrying about the damaging RGB parts.


To summarize it all, 


Here’s how you can clean your RGB mousepad:

To clean your RGB mousepad, first, make sure it’s unplugged, then using a soft sponge and water-soap solution, start scrubbing the surface to lift all the dirt; after that, try to wipe down soap and dirt using a damp towel, then use a dry towel and remove any extra water or soap and let it air dry for 24 hours.


I hope by now you have found all the information you need to clean your RGB mousepad.

And finally, here’s an article covering 11 makeshift mousepad ideas that you might find interesting.



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