LG Monitor No Signal? (10 EASY FIXES!)

LG Monitor No Signal

LG monitors -despite being very high quality and durable- can be a bit tricky when it comes to connecting to computers. The main issue users have reported is the “No Signal” error on their LG screens. But do NOT worry, this is a common problem which can be solved easily. Here, we’ll cover a 10-step … Read more

How To Make A Desk Taller? (8 EASY SOLUTIONS!)

Make desk taller

Nothing is worse than leaning on a short desk for hours each day. The height of our desks shapes our posture during work time. While a proper desk height and desk depth can help you maintain a proper posture, a short desk will ruin your posture and also negatively affect your body in the long … Read more

How Much Monitors Weigh? (SURPRISING DATA)

Monitor Weight

Who cares how much a monitor weighs? Well, in most cases, nobody! However, there are some situations, like buying a new monitor arm or shipping the monitor abroad, where you need to know the exact weight of your display. In this article, we’ve collected the weight data for all the different brands and sizes.   … Read more

Acer Monitor No Signal? (SOLVED!)

Acer Monitor No Signal

A common problem users have when connecting their Acer monitor to the computer is the “No Signal” error. But don’t worry; 9 out of 10, it’s a small minor issue causing the problem and can be solved quickly. This article covers a 10-step troubleshooting process that covers almost all the possible problems users have declared. … Read more

8 Ways to Flatten a Mousepad (DO THIS FIRST!)

Flatten Mousepad

Mousepads can get rolled up when they’re new or when you travel with them. And when you unroll the pad, you may find it uneven. But don’t worry; here, we’ll cover 8 simple methods to flatten out your mousepad.       How To Flatten A New Mousepad? To flatten out your mousepad, you can … Read more

What to Use as a Mousepad? (11 CREATIVE ALTERNATIVES)

Mousepad Alternative

You don’t have a mousepad and are wondering what to use instead? Well, you don’t really need to buy one. Here, we’ll cover 11 simple alternatives you can find at home and use as a mousepad substitute. These alternatives aren’t as fancy as some RGB mousepads on the market, but they can do the job … Read more

How To Clean RGB Mousepads? DOs & DON’Ts [2022]

RGB Desk Mat

RGB mousepads are the part of our setups that tend to get very dirty over time. And since water will damage the electric modules, you can’t wash the mousepad by hand or use the washing machine. This article will cover a Step-by-Step guide on cleaning RGB mousepads without damaging them.     How to Clean … Read more

How To Fix a Wobbly Desk? [11 Shaky Desk HACKS]

Wobbly Desk

A wobbly desk can ruin your concentration. If your desk wobbles whenever you type or write on it, and you are unsure how to stabilize it, follow the step-by-step instructions below to identify the problem and fix your shaky desk.     How To Fix A Wobbly Desk? To stabilize a wobbly desk, first, you … Read more